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Video by Index on Censorship and ViceNews

Mè is a Critical Media Observatory created by the Ramon Barnils Journalists Group which analyses the media which operate in the Catalan-speaking territories. It is aimed at professional journalists, academics who study communication and members of the general public who are interested in a critical, analytical perspective on the mass media.

Mè was created in 2009, inspired by similar observatories in other countries, in order to continue the work begun by the website. It has the support of Fundació Catalunya.

Media analysis, the investigation of media blackouts and the fight against censorship

It currently focuses its work on three broad areas:

– An analysis of the media regarding questions such as the treatment of political and social conflicts in the news, the use of discriminatory language, the ongoing debate surrounding the Catalan language and the creation of political imaginaries and reference frameworks, among others. It also looks at the role of the communications industry, especially with regard to issues such as job security and harassment, and aims to report on the ethical and technological challenges faced by journalism. To this end, Mè publishes news articles, opinion pieces, videos and in-depth reports.

Research and publicising of issues which are silenced, censored or misreported by the mainstream media, with the aim of placing them on the media agenda and bringing them to the attention of society as a whole. To achieve this end, since 2010 it has published the Anuari dels Silencis Mediàtics [Yearbook of Media Blackouts], a journalistic research project which presents a collection of in-depth reports on topics that, over the previous year, have not been investigated by any newspaper or featured on any news programme.

Documentation and condemnation of possible violations and restrictions on the freedom of information and expression. Since 2015, the Censorship Map project has brought to light cases of censorship, aggression against journalists and the media, and restrictions on artistic or academic expression throughout the Catalan Countries.

Meanwhile, the website also contains the Blogs and Journalism section, which features articles from dozens of blogs about journalism and the media, together with the Ramon Barnils Media Library, which collects opinion pieces written by Barnils himself for El Temps’s weekly magazine, which were subsequently digitized by

Internationally recognized project

The Mè Observatory was one of the three finalists in the Digital Activism category at the Freedom of Expression Awards 2018, organised by Index on Censorship, featuring 400 candidates from around the world.

One of Mè’s longest-established projects, its Yearbook of Media Blackouts, has received several awards. The 2011 edition won the 1st Josep Maria Planes Prize for Investigative Reporting, organised by the Fundació Independència i Progrés. Sergi Franch’s Presó i aïllament: la mort de Raquel [Prison and isolation: the death of Raquel], included in the 2015 Yearbook, received a prize at the 24th edition of the Municipal Council of Barcelona’s Social Welfare Awards in the Press category. Anna Zaera’s documentary La revolució dels afectes quilòmetre zero [The Revolution of the Kilometre Zero Feelings], part of the 2016-2017 Yearbook, received the 22nd Civic Award for the Media in the Internet category, organised by the government of Catalonia’s Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Families, as well as the 3rd Rural World Award in the Journalism category, organised by the Rural World Foundation.